Aisling Young

“I started with Aisling 3 months post stroke. I was suffering from extreme anxiety and mental and physical trauma. I did not know who I was anymore nor how I could continue living. With the help of Aisling’s wisdom and guidance I began on the road to recovery. My balance and co-ordination were very poor. I learned how to tune into my body and to help it to function as one body again rather than separate parts, using gentle somatic movement; I learned to listen to and feel into what was going on in my body and my body learned to communicate with me and re-integrate and function as a whole again. Aisling was very gentle in her approach, using somatic work alongside counselling to help me regain confidence to go out into the world again without being in constant fear of the ‘what if’. She also gave me the titles of many very interesting books and articles to read which also added to my recovery. I would not be where I am today without her wonderful help and am forever in her debt. I would not hesitate in recommending Aisling.”

– Linda W, Dublin

“Aisling has an approachable, comforting, kind and understanding aura about her. She makes you feel at ease as soon as you step in the door, which helped me tremendously as I am an anxious person. She helped me to open up and break through past issues. We worked together to resolve problems and I always felt better after I left. Sometimes, a kind face, a comforting smile and words of encouragement are all you need to feel better.”

– V.K.

“I came to see Aisling suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. She was so kind and gentle with me and helped me understand why this was happening to me. She helped me figure it out. The bodywork and breathing we did alongside the talking really helped me calm down and learn to cope. I was able to face my fears. Slowly I grew stronger. I went beyond dealing with my worries and made changes to my work that I’d wanted to make for years. Thank you Aisling, I’m still using the tools you’ve given me to help me, my family and my friends!”

– Mary, Dublin

“Aisling, thank you for your warmth, patience, empathy and wisdom. You helped me through a very difficult time with my ex-partner and all my health problems and gave me the strength to keep going and keep believing in myself. Thank you for believing in me. Your energy shines through.”

– Martha, 34

“Aisling, the job came through so I finished up here last week so didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you. I’ve really enjoyed our chats.. so good….helped me file my thoughts and sent me home each week feeling good about myself and what I’m doing.. 
You have been the real star of my time here. Keep doing what you’re doing exactly how you’re doing it.”

– DJ, Galway

“I was really depressed when I first met Aisling, out of work and not sure what to do or where to go. Looking back, we worked through so much together, not just dealing with my depression, but helping me figure out who I was and what was good about me. Working with her got me back on my feet and back to work and my job is going great. I still catch up with her from time when I hit a speedbump and she’s always there to listen and help me figure out how to deal with it.”

– SS, Dublin

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