Deirdre Nolan

“Deirdre I cannot thank you enough for all you are doing for my son and for us as parents. Our communication with him and with each other is much better and the relationship we now have with our son is more than I could have imagined in our first parental session. I have my beautiful boy back and we are much better as a family. Thank you.”

– M & J, Dublin 14

“I came to Deirdre because I was binge eating and it was getting out of control. She helped me to understand what was going on physically, mentally and emotionally. I especially liked the CBT element of our sessions. It gave me the power to change my thought patterns. I could not have done this without Deirdre’s warmth, expertise and kindness.”

– N, Dublin 6W

“I brought my 10 year old to Deirdre when she was struggling in school socially and having difficulty sleeping. Deirdre made the sessions fun for my daughter and really built up her confidence. Deirdre helped my daughter to understand her feelings and together they worked on effective and fun exercises. My daughter is sleeping well now and much happier in school. I would highly recommend Deirdre.”

– K, Stillorgan

“When I met Deirdre a year ago I was barely functioning in work and my anxiety was creeping into all areas of my life. When lockdown came along it certainly didn’t help! Her constant support, kindness and coaching in exercises that I could apply to my life, really helped me. But more than that Deirdre, you helped me to understand what was behind my anxiety and you helped me to build my self confidence up again. I am so glad I did not cancel that first session! Thank you for everything.”

– M, DunLaoghaire

“I came to Deirdre 2 years ago with Panic attacks that were preventing me from working and socialising. Her belief in me, her understanding, kindness, encouragement and practical exercises really worked. I have so much more belief in myself now that I have changed my job and we are about to move house. But most importantly I know you “cannot unlearn what you have learned” , so now I have tools for life to help if things get stressful again.”

– J, Dublin 16

“I came to Deirdre 2 years ago when I had failed a particular exam twice and was disheartened and ready to give up. My stress levels were off the chart. My relationship was badly affected by this. Deirdre worked with me on my exam stress. Using a lot of different techniques, which I have since passed onto others, I began to get my exam mojo back! This work has had a positive impact in all areas of my life, particularly my relationship and I am now tackling my exams with confidence.”

– A, Dublin 18

“College was very hard for me. I fell out with friends and could not make new ones. I was really low and in a dark place. Deirdre gave me back my belief in myself. While I dealt with some very tough stuff in session, I always felt safe and really listened to. Deirdre is very kind and patient. She also brought some fun into our sessions which really helped me. I’m in my final year now and I am enjoying college. I have lots of tools to use from our sessions. My confidence has grown a lot and I have made friends. Deirdre, thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.”

– K, Wicklow

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